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Martha Aurelio

Functional and Dysfunctional Pottery



I work in both stoneware and porcelain. My work is thrown, sometimes altered and always carved. My porcelain pieces are fired to cone six in an oxidation atmosphere. My stoneware pieces are fired to cone 10 in either an oxidation or a reduction atmosphere. I really enjoy soda and wood firings and try to do a couple every summer. My glazes are applied by spraying. Often I use a combination of washes and glazes. The glazes on my functional pieces are food safe. 

The inspiration for my designs comes mostly from nature. I love the flower and leaf form. I enjoy creating different size flower forms that nest. I also incorporate the leaf form in my figure vases. 

I am also very fond of pattern. I frequently use geometric shapes in my larger forms such as my wall discs.

The patterns in nature, such as found in shells, are often used in my work. 

I was a ceramics major at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, MA and received a BFA from Tufts University in 1964. I spent the next eight years teaching junior high art in both RI and CA. I married and stayed home, raising four children, for fifteen years. I returned to teach elementary art in 1987. I retired in 2006. In 2000, I returned to clay.  I became seriously addicted. Carving is my favorite part of the process. I even carve the bottom of my pots. After throwing a pot, I spend a lot of time looking at it. The form always suggests the carving. I treat each pot as an individual. My work is always in the process of developing. 

May to October are spent in RI. This is where I produce most of my work. Most days I can be found in my studio producing work for Florida’s winter season. I do about six juried Fine Art Festivals Between Naples and Sarasota from January through March.

Retirement has given me the time to do what I love best. Play with clay.